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Glow is the "easy button" for influencers and brands to activate philanthropy with their community to create a billion-dollar impact


Turn Your Followers into a Force for Good

Enjoy a hassle-free, secure end-to-end solution to control your philanthropy and champion causes that matter to you.


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How Glow Works

How to create a billion dollar impact

Did you know that 5 million people giving $17 a month can give away one billion dollars a year? Imagine the impact your community could have on the world!

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    Start in less than 15 minutes

    Create your own projects or select from pre-vetted projects that align with what matters to you.

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    Easily invite your community

    With QR codes and shortlinks, invite your followers to participate and give. The more people, the more impact.

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    Give it away with everyone

    Donations are combined and the community votes where to give it away, follow along with monthly impact updates.

The giving platform that your fans and community love.

Invite your community to join with you in giving back and make a bigger difference together


of people trust their social network and influencers to guide giving decisions

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    Reward your community for giving

    Exclusive content, early access tickets, special recognition, VIP events, discounts on merch

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    Close the loop after the donation

    Receive impact stories delivered to your community every month from the projects you support.

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    Leaderboards and gamification

    Drive engagement through fun competition, challenges, and more.

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    De-risk nonprofit partnerships

    We’ve developed a robust 35-step vetting process to help you find the best nonprofit partners to support.



Happier Followers



Community Engagement



Collective Impact



Vetted Projects


Glow is here to make life a little bit easier.

Glow makes it simple and effortless for influencers and brands to engage their followers in social causes and philanthropic activities.

Down to the dollar

Never guess where your money went, just check the impact.

Make It Fun

We believe that generosity should be fun, exciting, and engaging.

Glow concierge service.

Our team of experts are available to help you every step of the way. From helping you find causes, build projects, grow the community, and telling powerful impact stories. We’re here to help you succeed.

More Than Just Money

We’re building communities that care about making a difference collectively.

Connected By Impact

Join a community of people who want the same thing you do.


Philanthropy’s Power Shift: Why Influencers, Brands, and YOU Will Lead the Giving Revolution

19 June 2024

Forget dusty boardrooms and stuffy galas. Philanthropy’s changing guard, powered by you, your network, and the influencers and brands you trust. It’s no longer about faceless foundations and top-down decrees; it’s about community-driven impact, fueled by passionate tribes and the collective roar of social good.

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Why We’re All-In on Influencer Philanthropy: The Future of Impact That Can Change the World

14 June 2024

Philanthropy is evolving. The days when charitable giving was dominated by a wealthy few are fading. A new era is emerging, one driven by influencer and brand communities

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Philanthropy 2.0: When Social Impact Becomes the Ultimate Superpower

11 May 2024

Forget capes and kryptonite – the hero of tomorrow wears sneakers and wields a smartphone. The future of giving belongs not to solitary billionaires, but to connected communities, empowered by influencers, brands, and artists, pooling their collective influence and money to tackle humanity’s greatest challenges. Welcome to the dawn of Collaborative Giving: the revolution where…

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The Power of Collective Giving: Why Small Donations Make a Big Difference

27 April 2024

You’ve been there before, haven’t you? At the end of a long workday, you hear about a cause that pulls at your heartstrings. You want to donate, to be part of the solution, but when you pull out your wallet, there’s only a modest amount you can spare. “Will my $10 really make a difference?”…

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The Future of Philanthropy: Ditching the Buzzwords for Real Impact

25 March 2024

In an age where buzzwords dominate boardrooms, philanthropy is no exception. Words like “synergy” and “pivot” have often overshadowed the true essence of giving. But at Glow, we’re on a mission to shift the narrative, focusing instead on authenticity, transparency, and genuine impact. And we’re not alone in this quest. We make a living by…

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Bridging the Gap: Corporate Philanthropy in the Realm of CSR

18 February 2024

Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an integral part of the business landscape, reflecting a company’s commitment to ethical practices and social impact. Within this framework, corporate philanthropy plays a pivotal role, acting as a catalyst for positive change while aligning with broader CSR strategies. In this article, we’ll delve into the symbiotic relationship…

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Community Giving: The Unsung Hero of Educational Advancement

26 January 2024

In a world where traditional fundraising often lacks the spark to ignite widespread community involvement, the concept of ‘community giving’ or ‘giving circles’ emerges as a beacon of hope for education foundations. These foundations, the unsung heroes in school districts, tirelessly work to bridge the gap between what schools need and what they receive from…

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Down to the Dollar Promise: The Joy of Making an Impact

23 November 2023

At times, it’s easy to become lost in the myriad numbers associated with giving. How much was raised, how much was donated, how much will it take to fund a particular project — but when we look past the numbers, we find the true essence of philanthropy. The joy, the fulfillment, the sheer happiness of…

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Philanthropy in the Digital Age: Transforming Corporate Giving with Technology

9 October 2023

In today’s digital age, the landscape of corporate philanthropy is evolving at an unprecedented pace. The integration of technology and the rise of digital platforms have revolutionized how companies engage in giving back to society. Let’s explore how technology is reshaping corporate philanthropy and discover the trusted giving app, Glow, that empowers us all to…

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Empowering Education: How Giving Circles Are Revolutionizing School District Fundraising

8 September 2023

When it comes to educational advancement, funding plays a pivotal role. Yet, traditional fundraising methods often fall short in engaging the wider community and creating a lasting impact. Enter the world of Giving Circles, a transformative approach that’s reshaping how school districts approach fundraising. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to…

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