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Welcome to Glow, the innovative app that revolutionizes giving circles and empowers positive change in the world. Glow is a platform designed to bring together friends, families, and communities to collectively pool their money and make a real impact through voting on which projects to fund each month.
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At Glow, we believe that when people come together with a shared purpose, incredible things happen. Our app provides a seamless and engaging experience for users to collaborate, contribute, and amplify their giving efforts. By combining financial resources, knowledge, and passion, we empower individuals to make a tangible difference in causes that matter most to them.

Lucas and Liz

Hi, we are Lucas & Liz

Our story began in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville NC. Two friends and entrepreneurs dreaming about building a company that could help people impact the world.

We wanted to combine our passions for technology, adventure, and giving back into one epic brand that helps people thrive in life.

Our technology is rooted in the mind-blowing science of generosity, which we define as “giving good things to yourself and others freely and abundantly”.

Along the way, we discovered that many of the same problems we had with current methods of giving… everyone else had! As a generation, we WANT to be generous, but don’t know who to trust, and we don’t know where to start!
So Glow was born.

Projects in numbers

Glow encourages open and democratic decision-making that creates a better world.





Giving Circles




Transparency and accountability are at the core of Glow.

We provide detailed information about each project, including its goals, impact metrics, and financial breakdowns. This enables our community to make informed decisions and see the direct results of their collective contributions. Additionally, we facilitate ongoing communication and updates, ensuring that you stay connected with the projects you've supported.

The Glow Manifesto

Glow encourages open and democratic decision-making that creates a better world.


Community of Changemakers

We’re a community of creators, adventurers, dreamers, and entrepreneurs, who believe that radical generosity can change the world!


Earth Advocates

We believe in the power of doing good and recognizing our responsibility to care for both the earth and all those who inhabit it.


Championing Equality and Opportunity

We value diversity, equality, and think everyone should have the opportunity to build a better life, no matter where they were born.


Fighting Exploitation and Division

We’re tired of the lies we see every day in politics and greedy corporations, exploiting the poor for a dollar and dividing nations.


Embracing Radical Generosity

Generosity isn’t something we just do, it’s how we live our lives. We’re trying to learn to be generous to ourselves, others and the world.


Light-Bringers for a Better World

We are light-bringers, we are peacemakers, we are activists, we are human. We want to create a better world.

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