How do we vet nonprofits on Glow? Introducing the Glow Trust Score™

July 7, 2021
4 Min Read

The Glow Trust Score™ is a validated number given to every nonprofit on the Glow platform

Glow’s vision is to make giving engaging, exciting, transparent and equitable for donors. We believe that if we make generosity delightful for the donor, then as a community, we could actually make a difference (and even solve) of the worlds greatest challenges!

But first things first… When it comes to nonprofits, we often don’t even know who to trust? We want to financially support the best nonprofits doing the best work, but we don’t know where to start when looking for them. This is why we created the Glow Trust Score™.

The Glow Trust Score™ is a validated number given to every nonprofit on the Glow platform which they receive after being thoroughly vetted by our 33 question inspection report.

These 33 questions validate the most important points of a nonprofit and cover an in-depth analysis of their values, finances, mission, authenticity, transparency, sustainability and storytelling. All summed up into a single score.

If a nonprofit does not score 80% or above on this assessment, we don’t grant them money. But we will share the report with their team in an effort to help them improve the things that matter to donors. Nonprofits can be reassessed once per year.

Currently, our board and advisors vet the nonprofits who together have over 100+ years in the industry. Over time, we expect this list of questions to grow and we look forward to inviting more of our community to participate in the vetting process. Our goal is to one day have thousands of our community members participating in the vetting of nonprofits in an open-sourced manner.

Here are the questions:

Do you oppress any group of people?

Does your mission promote human flourishing?

Are you transparent with how you spend donations?

Does your mission align with the Sustainable Development Goals?

Does your mission positively impact others/community?

Does the mission support grassroots projects?

Do you have a strong leadership team?

Is your mission clearly articulated on your website?

Do your projects reflect your mission?

Do you follow through with project updates?

Are you consistently sharing your missional values through various forms of media?

Do you have a positive brand recognition among your industry peers?

Do you easily and clearly communicate with your audience?

Do you share weekly stories updates?

Are your admin costs under 20%?

Is executive compensation fair and reasonable based on recently published 990s?

Do you publish your 990s on your website?

Do you publish an annual report on your website?

Do you support projects that have long term impact?

Do you have a long term plan/goal for sustainability?

Do you have a strategy to achieve those goals?

Are you actively recruiting donors in their 20s/30s?

Is the budget for projects supported growing year over year?

Are your story updates specific and detailed?

Are you using social media effectively?

Are you sharing weekly updates on projects?

Do you have a mix of produced and user generated content?

Do you use mixed forms of media in storytelling?

Do you offer volunteer opportunities?

Can someone easily visit a project?

Are you focused on current global issues?

Are you engaging donors beyond giving?

Do you have an example of receiving feedback from the community you serve and making effective changes to better serve them?

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