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December 6, 2021
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Have you ever dreamed of being able to give away 1 million dollars to an organization you care deeply about? Or have you come across a need so devastating that you wished you had the resources to solve it??

Philanthropy as we’ve known it has been reserved only for the ultra-wealthy. Less than 1% of people will ever give away $1 million… in an entire lifetime 🤷‍♂️.

But, what if there was a way we (together) could give over $1 billion a year to high-impact organizations solving some of humanities greatest challenges?

Wouldn’t that be amazing 🙌 😄?

We agree, and so we’re building a new app that will revolutionize charitable giving by bringing transparency to small donors, increasing their impact, making generosity simple and fun!

How the math works?

All it would take to give away $1 billion dollars is 3.4 million people, giving $25 a month, and pooling that money together into a SUPERFUND. Then with the help of cool technology, vote to give it all away! Or, 1.7 million people giving under $50 a month… You get the idea? 💸 Imagine the stories of impact a community like this could have in the world?

Introducing Glow

A new charitable giving platform that leverages the power of community and storytelling to unlock radical generosity and joy.

A whole new way to give that’s fun, satisfying and addicting! 🙃🚀 Allowing ordinary people to experience the joy of philanthropy. Our dream is to give away over $1 billion a year, supporting high-impact organizations, spurring innovation, funding new research, and solving some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

CLICK HERE to learn more and discover the details.

Why the name glow?

Have you ever given a special gift to somebody, knowing that it would really impact them in a positive way? How did you feel when saw them open or receive that gift?? Joy, happiness… glow 🌟

Radical generosity produces joy, it makes us glow… And we believe the world needs more of it!!

So we’re building a community of creators, adventurers, dreamers, and entrepreneurs, who have the audacity to believe that generosity can change the world! We believe in doing good, and that we should care for the earth and those within it. We value diversity, equality, and think everyone should have the opportunity to build a better life 🌎.

Imagine what we could do… Cure cancer? End extreme poverty? Provide immediate aid for natural disasters? Fund medical research? Save the environment? So much more.

And we’ll have FUN 🙌 along the way!! Join us

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