A new, meaningful way to engage your community

Involve your community in meaningful giving to create a powerful collective impact. Reward your fans, cultivate lasting loyalty, and make a significant difference in the causes that matter most.

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Why Giving Circles?

Giving Circles engage fans and your community in your social mission, amplifying the collective impact on projects that matter to you most.



Happier Fans



Community Engagement



Collective Impact



Vetted Projects

The giving platform that your fans and community love.

Invite your community to join with you in a Giving Circle and drive engagement, build brand loyalty, and increase your impact.


of people trust their social network and influencers to guide giving decisions

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    Reward your community for giving

    Exclusive content, early access tickets, special recognition, VIP events, discounts on merch

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    Close the loop after the donation

    Receive impact stories delivered to your community every month from the projects you support.

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    Leaderboards and gamification

    Drive engagement through fun competition, challenges, and more.

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    De-risk nonprofit partnerships

    We’ve developed a robust 35-step vetting process to help you find the best nonprofit partners to support.


Glow is here to make life a little bit easier.

Glow integrates with all major HRIS platforms to make it simple and easy to engage your employees in corporate philanthropy.

Down to the dollar

Never guess where your money went, just check the impact.

Make It Fun

We believe that generosity should be fun, exciting, and engaging.

Glow concierge service.

Our team of experts are available to help you every step of the way. From helping you build your own projects, creating your Giving Circle, inviting the community, and running marketing campaigns. We’re here to help you succeed.

More Than Just Money

We’re building a community that cares about making a difference collectively.

Connected By Impact

Join a community of people who want the same thing you do.


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