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No pet should suffer

One of the leading causes of PET EUTHANAZIA is due to lack of financial accessibility by the owner to care for vet bills.

We Want To Raise $2000 This January

We’ve witnessed, understood, and can appreciate the special bond that develops between pets and their owners.

Unfortunately we have also witnesssed gut wrenching heartbreak, stress and anxiety when pet owners surrender or, even worse, euthanize their beloved animals simply because they lack the financial means to pay for medical, surgical care, food or basic shelter.

This troubling trend rapidly escalates in a down economy when many pets owners are forced to face unforeseen economic hardships.

But YOU can help.

Be inspired by your love of animals. Please help us save pet’s lives by becoming part of this important and exciting effort.

By donating to the save the pets circle, your actions will have a direct and profound impact on the individual lives of animals and their owners.


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